Magic: the Gathering at New York Comic Con 2012

Hey all, if you haven’t heard yet VGL will be heading to New York Comic Con. So if you are in the area or planning on attending drop us a line so we can hang out!


On a more informative front, with me being the primary Magic: the Gathering source here, I wanted to make a listing of as much M:tG related info for NYCC possible. Especially since it seems there isn’t a good place where it is compiled. Anyway, a listing of that is below. I will be editing this page frequently as I find more content and will also be trying to implement some links so you can also use this page in conjunction with the My Show Tracker app NYCC is promoting (we’ll see how that goes).

My first find: Mark Evans artist for Gatstaf Shepherd and Crossway Vampire will be in booth 112. So if you take a fancy to any of those cards or any of his other work (Game of Thrones TCG, Star Wars Galaxies, WoW TCG, Warhammer 40k) check him out there. Seems like a pretty cool dude and will probably willing to autograph some gear for you.

Second find: Via Brian David-Marshall on twitter, if you are looking to play M:tG at NYCC you should be checking out TJs Collectibles, normally running standard, drafts, minimaster, and EDH. Will post schedules more when I find that out.

More artists: If you have any Phyrexian War Beasts of Soldevi Steam Beasts, Bill Sienkiewicz will be in Booth M9.Do you know of Boldwyr Intimidator from Future Sight? If you do Esad Ribic will be hanging out in Booth BB10. Here’s another, Manriki-Gusari artist Thomas Gianni will be in booth S8. I know I’ll be taking my Steambed Aquitects to William O’Connor in booth AA2. So that looks like all of the confirmed M:tG artists so far, if I’ve missed any let me know. I’ll keep adding more if I find some.

Keep in mind I’ll be updating the post as I find out new information so check back. Until then keep it real!


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