New York Comic Con: The Games, the Panels, the People.

VGL at NYCCIf you have never been to any sort of convention related to pop-culture, comics, or gaming we at Video Game Loft highly recommend it!

Justin, Jon and I met up in The Big Apple last weekend for our first Con. We have seen enough coverage of them on television to have a decent idea of what to expect but to be honest the TV coverage really doesn’t do it proper justice. We got the experience all of the amazing things you hear about, from spectacular cos-players to developer interviews, and we even got lucky and witnessed a rousing “Excelsior!” from Stan Lee himself.

Needless to say we have a lot to say about everything we have experienced and this post will serve as a hub for the content to follow. We are really excited to share some of our stories with you all and we have some great exclusive footage and “interviews” (really more like conversations with some exhibitors that we are sure you will enjoy). As a bonus we were also able to attend the pre-con meetup for SWTOR and have some great tidbits to share!

Also please check out the gallery below of some of the best pictures we came home with.






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