Lucasfilm sold to Disney for 4.05 Billion. Star Wars VII set for 2015

As a long time Star Wars fan this news was a pretty serious shock to my system.

I didn’t really believe it at first and it wasn’t until I visited the official Star Wars site that it truly sunk in for me. I think I am slowly coming to terms and possibly even getting a little excited. George Lucas and Star Wars are synonymous in my mind so a movie without him will be a tough pill to swallow.

Will we still recognize that characters that are delivered to us? Or will we be left feeling a little let down and underwhelmed as with Disney’s newest recreation of Tron. Sure it looked great, but it was missing something.

I am scared.

One bit of good news is that George has apparently been working on story treatments for 7, 8 and 9 for a few years now. Hopefully his legacy will be respected and these will be used in the future films. Star Wars VII is set to release sometime in 2015.

Now the real question is what will this mean for SWTOR? I am unsure as to what role Lucasfilm is currently playing in the continued development of SWTOR but I will keep everyone posted in relation to any changes that we can find out about.

Possibly this will be a good thing for the game in that Disney will be able to get Lucasfilm more involved with the game and possibly effect some good changes. I think I am hoping that Lucasarts as an entity of Lucasfilm will remain mostly unchanged with the new owners so we will not see drastic changes in the quality of story in the game.


May the Force be with you.


– Andy “Rinato” Rudi –



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  1. VGL_Justin says:

    Hearing and confirming this left such a feeling of uncertainty within me. Star Wars (though some people did not like the newly developed movies) did have such a feeling of wonder and fantasy that left you always wanting more, but just enough that you were satisfied with what you had seen. Even though this new acquisition by Disney does vastly enhance the potential for Star Wars, I’m still left hoping they decide not to simply squeeze the Star Wars Universe for all it’s worth. The fact that there are books and stories far before and beyond the movies is what helps the die hard fans wonder about the whole story and universe. Time will have to tell the tale for this franchise.

    Justin T.

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