An Introduction to the Elder Scrolls Online

A few months back we had a post about the announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online from Bethesda.

There hasn’t been a wealth of information flowing out of Bethesda about the game but they have just release a new video! I hope you guys enjoy it.This is a game we at Video Game Loft are very much looking forward to and the video does a great job of keeping that excitement from the original announcement alive.

Their site claims that this is the first in a series of video updates that will be continued up until the launch of the game. Some of the great tidbits we have pulled out of the video are as follows:

  • Strategic Real-Time Combat
  • Swimming (small for some huge for others)
  • Weather Effects
  • Many Armor Customizations (Dwarven, Elvish and Deadric to name a few styles)
  • No multiple servers. The game will auto put you in instances with friends and guild mates
  • Heroic Dungeions
  • 9 Races
  • No armor or weapon restrictions with classes
  • End game raids
  • Cyrodil is a PVP zone and players from level 10-49 will be stat boosted to 50


Let us know what you think!

Andy “Rinato” Rudi


PC has always been my platform of choice, partly due to availability but mostly due to love for the mouse and keyboard. I am a graduate of Duquesne University with a BA in Digital Media Arts. I have decided to take my technical skills and apply them to something that I and my partners love, gaming. Some of my favorite games have always been the most intense team based ones. Games like Counter-Strike (1.5,1.6,CZ,Source), Unreal Tournament, Halo, and also the highly tactical parts of everyones favorite MMOs. I really hope you all enjoy this site as much as we are enjoying making it.

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