War of Heroes: X-Men Event

[Genuine Leader] Cyclops (U Rare)

[Genuine Leader] Cyclops (U Rare)

Our New event is here, X-Men, featuring the release of two new Ultra Rare cards, Magneto as a event reward, and Cyclops as a CP reward!!

This will be our complete and comprehensive guide to this event. The greater your understanding of how things work, the more effective you will be throughout the event and the higher your ranking will be!!



This event shares many similarities with the first event where we all battled Loki. Much like that event there are two tiers of ISO-8 shards, green and red (instead of purple). The green shards can be turned in for Green ISO-8 Card Packs, netting you rally points and silver. The red are for Red ISO-8 Card Packs (obviously), which nab you fat loot raiders, other rare cards, silver, power packs, and the like. Bonus Info: [Psychic Katana] Psylocke is also a ISO-8 CP unique card exclusive to the Red Shard Packs!!


Tips and Tricks:

It’s important to understand a few things before you go about your merry way slashing your way through this event. If you understand these core principles then you will certainly do close to what your potential is!


1) Currently on a Bruiser Day, we have been experiencing the [Lady Liberator] She-Hulk receiving a HUGE raider bonus. It isn’t confirmed anywhere whether or not this is working as intended, but the non fused version is hitting for about 400% bonus, and the fused version for 700% bonus!! This means she is hitting for 25,000 in a single swing, and 75000 for one battle. Keep that in mind on bruiser days when making your attack decks.

2) With that being said, you’ll pretty much want to stick to ONLY using event based cards for the entire duration of the event. This may seem crazy, but a proper maxed and fused [Cosmic Energy] Havok will hit just as hard as a SSR Ghost Rider that is maxed. So stick to your raider cards, because you’ll score more points and overall damage swinging 10 times with Havok, than once with the recommended deck!!

3) If you’re looking to shoot for the top, setting an alarm for when your ATK power is full is always a great idea for those who don’t mind waking up once or twice throughout the night. Remember, this even is a Marathon (it’s 13 days long), so stay consistent and strong throughout the event. No need to waste Power Packs now, save them for the end if you feel you have a shot at the top spot!!

4) ALWAYS attack your alliance member’s bosses before any team members. It helps out a LOT in the long run, and coordinating your attacks through messaging programs like KiK or Line are priceless, so ensure you’re all on the same page.


Current List of Raider Cards: These cards will buff your performance in the event!

  • [Genuine Leader] Cyclops – Ultra Rare: 1000% Damage or 2500% Damage when Fused
  • [Mind Over Matter] Professor X – SS Rare: 800% Damage or 1800% Damage when Fused
  • [Psychic Leader] Psylocke – S Rare: 500% Damage or 1200% Damage when Fused
  • [Wind-Rider] Storm – Rare: 300% Damage or 700% Damage when Fused
  • [Cosmic Energy] Havok – Rare: 200% Damage or 300% Damage when Fused
  • [Lady Liberator] She-Hulk – S Rare: 400% Damage or 800% Damage when Fused



**New Update**

In today’s release: 12/19/12, Mobage added the Enraged Juggernaut and Magneto to the boss list for the current event. These bosses drop the very rare purple iso-8 shards, used in acquiring even better loot!! The purple iso-8 shards have a chance of dropping the S Rare Ultron, as well as a brand new SS Rare Annihilus!!! Keep farming to get one of these to drop for you!


Good Luck and we’ll see you out there!!


AkA Kitosumi



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