Split/Second Review

Split/Second is an arcade racer at heart and it tries to be nothing more. This, in my opinion, is a very good thing. I have a serious distaste for racing games that attempt to combine both racing simulation and arcade. It simply takes away a little from each category.

This is not to say Split/Second is a great game. It is certainly not a bad game; it is really fun to play. This fun factor, however, doesn’t seem to last very long. My first impression of this game was that it was phenomenal. The explosions, the shortcuts, the fun cars, basically everything I would look for in a arcade racer. As I continued to play, though, the explosions weren’t so epic, the shortcuts became dull, and the races themselves were simply meh.

Bottom line is this game isn’t one that you want to run out and buy, unless you absolutely love arcade racers. If you do love these games, I’m fairly certain you are going to like this one. But if you’re not someone that gets hyped for this style game it’s not something you want to drop $60 on. For me, this is a game that I will wait a couple months for, when it hits that $30-$40 range, or if I can grab a used copy for less.

Overall, for my system, I’ll score it 7.5/10. If you don’t believe me you can check it out on demo from Xbox Live, rent it on Gamefly, or you can buy it here.


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