MWOH: Shield Enforcement Training Changes (Assault Card Abilities)

[Killer] X-23

[Killer] X-23

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we updated some of our posts for the changes that MWOH has undergone over the past few months. With the announcement of the next Shield Enforcement Training there comes a few changes to the way this event will work and also the game in general. We can start of with the rewards for this upcoming event to wet your whistle.

Event Rewards

  • [Killer] X-23 (UR) – This UR version of the X-23 has some killer art. She is an attack booster at the UR level so essentially another FN Spidey but this time female. I was honestly expecting a speed UR defense booster since they are in sore need.
  • [Primordial] Chaos King (SSR) – Chaos king will add another villain to the ranks of Bruiser SSR’s. He boost attack of  villains. This is the second card to come out with a faction specific boost rather than type specific. This card will be valuable for the Wild Villians combo.
  • [Ascended] Scarlet Spider (S Rare)
  • [White Queen] Emma Frost (Rare)
[X-treme] Psylocke and [Director] Nick Fury

[X-treme] Psylocke and [Director] Nick Fury

New Assault Cards

  • [X-Treme] Psylocke (UR)  This UR version of Psylocke was released a few days back and has been announced as an assault card for the next event. She comes loaded with an Extreme Boost to Tactics Attack. She will not do increased damage to a wall but I will explain how she is still an assault card later.
  • [Director] Nick Fury (SSR) – Nick was just released this morning and announced as an assault card. With slightly worse stats than Rocket Raccoon and the same ability he should be a cheap good addition to speed attack decks after the event.
  • [Venemous] Madame Hydra (S Rare)
  • [Aquatic Inhuman] Triton (S Rare)
  • [Conflicting Impulses] Sandman (Rare)

Now comes the interesting part. There are going to be quite a few changes to the way assault cards work in the upcoming event. Previously they were only valuable for busting down walls (so mostly not valuable). This time around they have added some interesting mechanics for them in the actual player battles.

Remaining Assault Cards

Remaining Assault Cards

For two of the cards, their abilities will be upgraded a tier. These are listed out below.

  • [X-Treme] Psylocke (UR) – Extreme Boost Tactics Attack becomes Extraordinary Boost Tactics Attack
  • [Director] Nick Fury (SSR)  Significant Boost Speed Attack becomes Extreme Boost Speed Attack

The remaining assault cards have been given a base 30% increase to both Attack and Defense for themselves.


As you can see Mobage has added quite the little twist to this upcoming Shield Enforcement training event. However, I don’t know how much of an impact it will truly have. I think in the upper tiers of alliances this change will not alter the dynamics as people have more than powerful enough decks to crack D-leads already.

I think this change will benefit lower ranked alliances that might often have trouble with breaking through defensive leads as these cards can provide and immediate and drastic boost to an attack deck.

Official Announcement of Changes

Official Announcement of Changes

Another big change is to the way the valor algorithm works. Previously the highest amount of valor could be gained by

a lower level player defeating a higher level player. Now the best valor to be had comes from higher level players defeating other higher level players. This is great for those of us who didn’t try and work the system previously.
Along with this change they are hosting a period of Doubel XP on missions until July 15th!

New Card Combos

Mobage has thrown a little teaser on their card packs page to let us know they have added a few new Special Card Combos. I will update a list below to highlight these new combos as they are discovered.


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