Wet Review

I ripped through Wet last night. I think the thing that speaks most about the game for me is that I would’ve rather gone to bed than finish the game. It’s not a terrible game, but it’s not a great (maybe not even good) game either. Here’s what I took from the gameplay:


  • The idea for the game was good and definitely enjoyable at moments
  • Game play was fun
  • Upgrading your character based on performance was great, gave incentive to earn a better score
  • Arenas were cool to play


  • Game play is often repetive
  • The controls can be glitchy and don’t feel spot on
  • After playing through you can tell the game play is missing something
  • Death and cut scenes get super annoying after awhile
  • Level design wasn’t as good as it could’ve been
  • Lost track of the goal in arenas, I often found myself just killing heads rather than seeking objectives
  • Harmonicas in the loading scenes? Really?

With that said, it seems like I hate this game, well I don’t. But it’s definitely not my favorite. It’s a game I would want to play one level at a time and only if there wasn’t really anything better to play.

As for a recommendation? I’ll give it a 6/10. It’s fun, but I definitely wouldn’t buy it until it hits that $20-$30 mark. Not worth much more than that. A better option, which I did, is simply rent the game and play through it that way. That’s just what I think, if you want to try for yourself you can buy it here or (better option) rent it from Gamefly.

Update: I checked the prices around the web, Amazon has the game on PS3 for only $18. If you want to check it out this would be a good option.


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