Donkey Kong Country Returns Preview

So while this may not be one of the most “hardcore” games previewed at E3 this year it is definitely one that I’m pumped to play. I’ve kept my SNES in working order all these years and the original Donkey Kong Country is one of the reasons I’ve done so. I’m a huge fan of the original, but was a little disappointed by the N64 version. Too much collecting, not enough awesome.

I’m super hyped for the new release because it seems as though they are bringing back the characteristics of the original. It looks as though it is shaping up to being an awesome action platformer and a side scroller at that. But that doesn’t mean the graphics aren’t going to back to the past. Check out the trailer to see some gameplay footage:

If that doesn’t make you want to dust off the Wii (or run out and buy one) I don’t know what will.

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