Dragon Age 2 Preview v2.0

Release: March 2011

This game has been veiled in secrecy and all knowledge of it kept behind closed doors for a while now. It is just till recently that we’ve been able to uncover some slivers of information about this upcoming game, and how exactly it will compare to the larger titles competing for your time. Bioware has released some more information regarding this game, and the improvements from DA: Origins are left to bee completely seen. The Official Release Trailer:

Though the creators do admit to keeping some of the same things we’ve seen in the first game (large spell and open storyline, with various playable / romanceable characters) there is some foresight into changes. They’ve admitted that you will no longer be able to choose your class like you could in the first one and thus will only play as a human male or female. One amazing thing that’s been commented on is how you can “port” your save file over and the decisions that you made (who to save / kill or quests completed) will affect the DA 2 storyline on a small basis. This seems pretty sweet!! Not only will your decisions plague you, but they will this character too! 🙂

Lookin good Bioware


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