Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Release Date: Q4 / 2010

Square Enix have done what many would say is very uncharacteristic of a Final Fantasy, they have divided it into two separate games, each following their own unique story line. Unlike Final Fantasy X and X-2, it appears that there will not be a singular character followed throughout the story, unless they decide to have Lightning make an appearance. This story line follows those within the cities and governments, where FF XIII only focused on the playable characters, almost without having any other people implemented into the game (with the exception of the multitude of soldier that you kill). Check out the teaser trailer:

I’m skeptical that the developers will have allowed their thought and planning processes to spill over from the creation of FFXIII, and let us all pray that is not the case. Make sure to test the waters on this one before you buy it.



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  1. DipsyDangle says:

    Im still buyin it. It looks pretty good. BTW i just purchased FFXIII since the price dropped to 40 bucks n im on chapter 4 and love it so far!

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