Mortal Kombat 2010

Release: Q4 / 2010

When I first saw this game’s release and witnessed all of the gameplay and features I wasn’t particularly impressed. I feel that the “golden age” of gaming is upon us, and in my mind remaking an old game is a very tough spot to tread. Remaking an old game means that today you must bring something revolutionary to the table that will practically change the way that game was ever played before. Though the programmers did a great job in the making of this game, and the new features / gameplay look great, I fail to notice an originality on behalf of NetherRealm Studios.

Yes, they added a bunch of awesome looking new moves, combos, abilities/fatalities, and maybe a new character (yet to be determined). Though they decided to change-up the entire storyline so that the character goes back in time, to replay through the old story of MK1 / MK2 / and MK3. Though I don’t hold this game very highly on my scale as far as unique plot or story is concerned, the traditional gameplay appears much more mastered than any MK since Alliance (which was a failure in my mind).

E3 2010 Trailer:




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