What We’ve Been Playing

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since we’ve updated the site for everyone. We’ve been doing some awesome work on a new web app (which I’m sure everyone will see more of in the next couple months) and have just been generally busy with our day-to-day lives. But we’ve gotten most of that kind of stuff out of the way and are ready to come back and provide some awesome content for you guys.

Just as a segue back into this realm I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been playing recently (and I hope you will leave some comments on what you have been playing too).

On my Xbox 360 I currently have two favorites. I’ve been playing a lot of Halo Reachmultiplayer. The daily/weekly challenges that Bungie has are always a lot of fun and then I also play a fair amount of Team SWAT. If you want to play with me friend me up, my handle is MaroonPhoenix28.

Also, I just got a copy of Dead Space 2. I’ve been super excited for that one and finally I’m getting around to playing through it. It should be a lot of fun and look for a review of that sometime this week/weekend.

On the PS3, I’ve been playing a fair amount of NHL 11. I’m a big hockey fan so that game really satisfies that. Also, I’ve been playing a little Gran Turismo 5when I get the chance. Both are excellent games. Expect a couple cool custom VGL tracks for GT5 sometime soon.

On the PC it has been a lot of Battlefield Bad Company 2and Sid Meier’s Civilization V. Both are extremely fun, but PC games aren’t necessarily my forte. Getting a lot better at both and would love to practice either with some peeps. My steam ID is also MaroonPhoenix28. So if you want to play shoot me a message, I’d love to throw down.

That’s about it for right now. I’ll be posting some news and some reviews soon. So check back. Updates will be coming much more frequently from both me and VGL_Justin. It should be some good stuff.


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