Calling all Star Wars Fans

Hey everyone, as of right now we only have 40 days until the official release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, although many of us that pre-ordered early will have it a little sooner (fingers crossed ). Have you pre-ordered the game? Are you planning to get it when it comes out? Either way we want to connect with you in game and throw down!

If you don’t want to wait 40 more days (we don’t blame you, neither do we) you can start connecting with us and develop a battle plan. Finding our Guild page is easy, you can simply follow this link and check us out. If you’re already a member of the community you can join us now. If not you can create an account, which is very worthwhile if you are interested in the game, or you can meet up with us in 40 days in game.

A few details about what we want our guild to be:

  • Our primary goal is to have fun, plain and simple.
  • We’ll be on a PvP server
  • Our allegiance at the moment is to the Republic (although we will likely be exploring as much of the game content as possible, so don’t let this deter you)
  • We don’t require a huge time commitment, but we want people that are semi-serious and when we get going try their best to play well.

Hope to see you guys around soon! And yes, that will be VGL_Justin’s playable character up top :P.




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2 Responses

  1. VGL_Andy says:

    I’m pretty sure Gungan’s aren’t in the game. Thank the Force!

  2. VGL_Justin says:

    Yousa point is… well said. /enrolled 🙂


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