Once upon a time….


Has now officially conquered all of the known galaxy and is moving on to the outer rim for the one true challenge. All of Karagga’s home Palace has been claimed by the honorable men and women of VGLoft… all that was left in their wake was a holocron image of the bodies of their opponents. Video Game Loft stands strong and will forever remain…Unyielding!

We were able to take down two bosses tonight that had been giving us big trouble. Bonethrasher and Jarg and Sorno were crushed beneath our feet. Bonethrasher took a few tries by Jarg and Sorno were ONE SHOT!

The End

-Kito , Rinato-





I'm an avid gamer. I started playing video games as a young kid with Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, and playing Zelda on Nintendo. Since then I've been playing across all genre's and today really enjoy playing various FPS', Driving Simulators, and RPG's(MMORPG).

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