A Star Wars game, for mature audiences based on an environment not overtly plagued with Jedi or Sith? Sounds like the best Star Wars adventure platformer since Dark Forces!

After viewing E3’s gameplay demo and videos, I just can’t wait to see how this game will shape up. Assuming it’s voiced over, has non-linear story choices, and maintains great player immersion, this will most certainly be one of the next big “Bombs” in the video game industry.


Please enjoy this video of the first glimpses of Star Wars 1313 game play that premiered on Spike TV!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this game, because baby it has potential.


Justin Taddeo


I'm an avid gamer. I started playing video games as a young kid with Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, and playing Zelda on Nintendo. Since then I've been playing across all genre's and today really enjoy playing various FPS', Driving Simulators, and RPG's(MMORPG).

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