SWTOR game update 1.3 is live on the PTS!

Patch 1.3 is now available for play on the Public Test servers!

There are so many things included in the upcoming patch to Star Wars: The Old Republic that many of us have been waiting for since launch. Finally we can delve into intense competition with ranked warzones. We will have an easier time getting groups for anything from heroic quests to story mode operations with the new group finder tool. And for us min/maxers, we will be able to augments as many things as our wallets can afford with the addition of augment tables.

Perhaps ones of the biggest features comig with update 1.3 is SERVER TRANSFERS! I look forward to fresh blood populating my server or even travelling with Video Game Loft to help populate another server. Check here in the future for info related to which servers will be in the transfer pool.

These things and many more changes promise to make this patch a great add-on to an already pretty stellar game. For players who have found the game to be getting a bit stale perhaps this will refresh some of the gameplay. And hopefully we will see positive swings in server population across the board


To read the current PTS patch notes for 1.3 please follow this link.



– Andy “Rinato” Rudi –

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