10 Contributions of Avacyn Restored to Legacy

Hello! My name is Alex and I have been playing Magic the Gathering on and off since about Onslaught block. With the recent release of Avacyn Restored I have an urge to play magic now more than ever. This set has some amazing cards that I think will really make an impact on the format of legacy we have come to know and love. Through these cards I hope to show you what I anticipate will get played and explain why it will make an impact. I hope that you enjoy this article and be sure to leave any comments on your opinions or perhaps anything else on your mind.

10. Avacyn, Angel of Hope- This card seems to have the potential of a good legacy reanimator target but seems to be lacking a few things. First the fact that it gets completely hosed by Swords to Plowshares does not help its cause. Secondly, making your other permanents indestructible does not help much when the goal of your deck is to win with one big, powerful creature. The reanimator test is that the card must either withstand removal and hit for a good chunk or have a immediate effect on the board, sadly Avacyn does neither. I anticipate her possibly showing up in legacy once in a while, but certainly not very often.

9. Alchemists Refuge- This card seems very interesting. The idea of being able to produce an activation at the end of your opponents turn and then proceed to combo out is very enticing. I could see this getting played in any sort of combo mirror and which one deck is trying to go off at a point where the other one is weak. I think this can also see play in aggro decks looking to flash in threats in order to attack with them the following turn. This land is very interesting and will certainly find a home somewhere in the large format

8. Desolate lighthouse- Like Alchemists Refuge, this is another land that seems to have interesting implications. In a draw-go situation, the idea of being able to loot away lands will definitely be a strong advantage. I could see U/R Delver picking this up as a one or two of for situations as the one described. The Lighthouse (Loot-house) is a cool card that has the potential to break open a control mirror and win you the race to the threat.

7. Angel of Jubilation- This card really has the potential to be a player in legacy. The fact that dredge can no longer sacrifice creatures to play cards such as Dread Return or Cabal Therapy is absolutely insane. Also it turns off cards such as Force of Will and Dismember which should not go unnoticed. This angel may be color specific and expensive at four mana but against certain decks, this card can be back-breaking.

6. Misthollow Griffin- I am somewhat confused about this card. It seems that it plays very well against Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile, and very well with cards like Force of Will and Moorland Haunt, but it is still a 3/3 flyer for four. I could see this possibly being sideboard tech against white decks that would have trouble dealing with this and against control decks that cant find definite answers for it. The griffin is very good in certain situations but rather mediocre in others. Regardless, I expect it find a home somewhere. Especially because of its synergy with Food Chain.

5. Griselbrand- Now this a legit Reanimation target. Because it only costs 8 and has similar effects to Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, I expect this card to see heavy play in Reanimator. Although you do not empty their hand and you must pay life to draw the 7 cards, this guy seems just as good if not better than our praetor friend. Another upside to Griselbrand is that he kills them in 3 attacks whereas Jin will kill then in 4, and lets not forget life-link. Griselbrand definitely seems like a serious legacy contender.

4. Cavern of Souls- In all the years I have been playing magic, I have never seen a land that trumps counter magic so well. Boseiju, Who Shelters All was very good in its hay-day but Cavern just seems like a blowout against some decks. I could easily see this becoming a 4-of in any sort of tribal deck such as Merfolk or Goblins. The fact that Force of Will and Counter spell can be rendered useless against your problematic creatures is very good. The Cavern will definitely see play in Legacy.

3. Vexing Devil- Why do they print cards like this? In a format where Goblin guide and Lava spike are already very good, this just trumps everything. For 1 mana it will either dismember itself or be a 4/3 beater. There is not much more to say about this card other than its a gift to burn and will absolutely see play.

2. Temporal Mastery- This card on the other hand I have a lot to say about. I personally think that this card is ridiculous and will get the ban hammer if abused properly. If you look at the recent Legacy open in Providence you will see that Temporal showed up as a 2-of in 2 Rug Delver decks. This card enables setting up scenarios on turn 3 where you flip 2 delvers, take an extra turn and proceed to win on turn 4 via burn and Tarmogoyf. Although many people think that this is a “Win More Card”, I absolutely disagree. This card can be good in multiple situations and can win you games faster against decks in which a race is an important factor. Despite others beliefs, Temporal Mastery is ridiculous and will and i repeat WILL, be played in legacy.

1. Thunderous Wrath- The only reason I value this higher than Temporal Mastery is because it can go in all the Temporal Mastery decks along with mono-red burn. Like Temporal, Thunderous Wrath will essentially win you almost every game in which you are not against control. It was seen as a 4-of in multiple U/R delver decks at providence in additions to being played somewhat in Rug Delver and burn. Doming someone for 5 is not a thing one should underestimate and this card will continue to see play in Legacy.

Well Thats about It for My Legacy Set Review and until next time

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