Awe, How Cute…

The cute new pet awarded for being on a destination server.

More evidence surfaces of Bioware doing whatever it takes to keep their player base.

It was announced yesterday that players on eligible servers would be receiving “phat lootz” just for playing the game! That’s right, if you have characters on any of the eligible servers and have an active account by July 30th you will be receiving two in game rewards.

The first is a new pet(man they are good at giving out pets)! He is a cure little guy who most closely resembles the extremely annoying dogs that can be found just before Garj in the Eternity Vault.

The second is a 25 spot of free Black Hole commendations! It is very interesting to see Bioware giving out actually useful incentives.

Make no mistakes. That is exactly what these gifts are; incentives. Bioware is trying to clear out the ghost servers once and for all and this is a great way to get some of those players who haven’t gone through the transfer process yet to hop on board.

To read the article on the offcial swtor webpage check this link.

To start your transfer process today check out this link.


-Andy “Rinato” Rudi-

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