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BioShock 2 Review 0

BioShock 2 Review

Hmmm. Has anyone not played the original BioShock? Anyone out there? Well if you haven’t played the original keep reading. If you have played the original, the game will feel similar, just from a new perspective. You’ll find BioShock 2 is about a half a point worse than the original....

Alan Wake Review 0

Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake was a fun, nail biting (if my hands weren’t on the controller) action. The story drags you in and the game play doesn’t let you out. That’s what I liked most about the game. You find yourself engrossed until the end credits begin to role. It really is...

Wet Review 0

Wet Review

I ripped through Wet last night. I think the thing that speaks most about the game for me is that I would’ve rather gone to bed than finish the game. It’s not a terrible game, but it’s not a great (maybe not even good) game either. Here’s what I took...