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Red Dead Redemption Review 0

Red Dead Redemption Review

First, I must say I had a super hard time getting started with this game. Which is probably why it took so long to get this review out to you guys. I’ve had the game for a month plus now and I just finally got through it. What took me...

NHL ’11 Preview 0

NHL ’11 Preview

We got asked on twitter today for a preview of NHL ’11. All you need to do is ask! Anyway, the NHL franchise is one of the few sports games the a frequently play and every year I get excited when they announce the new features for next years game....

Alan Wake Review 0

Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake was a fun, nail biting (if my hands weren’t on the controller) action. The story drags you in and the game play doesn’t let you out. That’s what I liked most about the game. You find yourself engrossed until the end credits begin to role. It really is...