Dota 2: New Immortal Treasures


With yesterday’s patch compendium owners in Dota 2 got their first in game look at the new immortal treasures. To earn these treasures buy a compendium and level it UP! Each 10 levels drops a chest with one (or more) treasures.

Our lucky heroes this year are: Tinker (Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III), Storm Spirit (The Lightning Orchid), Sniper (Muh Keen Gun), Lion (Fin King’s Charm), Axe (Rampant Outrage), Puck (Merry Wanderer’s Brush), Crystal Maiden (Yulsaria’s Glacier), Windranger (Sylvan Cascade), Death Prophet (Fluttering Mortis), Dragon Knight (Kindred of the Iron Dragon), and Warlock (Hellborn Grasp). The drops for both Dragon Knight ( new Elder Dragon Form) and Warlock (new Upheaval) are rare, random bonus items so you’ll have to get lucky for those to drop. Obviously the new Elder Dragon Form is the coolest drop you can get, because, well DRAGONS, duh, but each item is pretty sweet in its own right. I had way to much fun hexing Roshan with then new Lion charm making him into a big fish, not to be confused with that terrible movie by the same name.

Here is all the new items and what they do:

Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III for Tinker

  • New teleport start
  • New teleport end
  • New Boots of Travel Icon
  • New Ambient and Sound Effects

The Lightning Orchid for Storm Spirit

  • Custom Sound effects
  • Custom Ball Lightning effects
  • New eyes and head
  • New Loadout stance
  • New Portrait
  • New Orchid Malevolence effect

Muh Keen Gun for Sniper

  • New base attack
  • New crosshair on Assassinate target
  • New Assassinate animation
  • New Sound effects
  • New Shrapnel effects
  • New Icons for Shrapnel and Assassinate

Fin King’s Charm for Lion

  • New Hex Model and Icon
  • New Sound Effects

Rampant Outrage for Axe

  • New Berserker’s Call animation and Icon
  • New sound effects

Merry Wanderer’s Brush for Puck

  • New Ambient particles
  • New Illusory Orb Animation and Icon

Yulsaria’s Glacier for Crystal Maiden

  • New Crystal Nova Animation and Icon
  • New Ambient Animations
  • New Sound Effects

Sylvan Cascade for Windranger

  • New Windrun Animation and Icon
  • New Ambient Animations

Fluttering Mortis for Death Prophet

  • New Carrion Swarm animation and Icon
  • New Ambient Effect

Kindred of the Iron Dragon for Dragon Knight | random bonus reward

  • New Dragon Form Model(s)

Hellborn Grasp for Warlock | random bonus reward

  • New Upheaval animations and icon

Check out all the new items and what they do (courtesy of DotaCinema):

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  2. Rinato says:

    Awesome post @VGL_Jon. Thanks for collecting all of the new effects in one place. Can’t wait to see some big fishies.

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