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Portal 2 Preview 0

Portal 2 Preview

Most of the positive feelings about Portal 2 that I have when starting to write this preview come from an astounding original game. Portal was a beauty mark of innovation in the industry at the time of its release. That said, if there is one thing Valve is good at,...

Twisted Metal Nuke Preview 0

Twisted Metal Nuke Preview

I’ve been a huge Twisted Metal fan since it’s initial release more than over 15 years ago. Since it’s inception on the Playstation platform, Twisted Metal has been a powerhouse and in my mind an overlooked game. Twisted Metal Black for PS2 is, in my opinion, where Sony failed at...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview 3

Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

This game can arguably be considered the most exciting game of E3 last year. In 2010 it seems to be repeating its glory. Overview TOR is at its core an MMO. It has all of the elements of classic MMOs. You will see leveling progression, gear drops, group dungeons, PVP,...