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The Avengers, the first event in WoH has just ended!

We hope everyone was able to rank up to their desired rewards. Don’t forget, start leveling and mastery maxing those Maria Hills and Nick Furys for the next event. It was stated that they will have a special ability though we aren’t sure just what that means.

In the wake of what we would consider to be a successful first event we have finalized some information that we would like to share.

Below is all of the current and updated information we have found regarding cards, quests, and detailed information about in-game mechanics. More coming soon:

We will be getting a full wiki up soon that has high resolution card images as well as my detailed guide/walkthrough this weekend. If you have information to add to either the card or quest list to help fill in the gaps, please put a COMMENT on this post. Thank you very much and let’s keep the gaming going!!

WoH: Kitosumi


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