VGL Pre-Launch fun in Guild Wars 2

Hello fellow game enthusiasts!

We at Video Game Loft had a little party late Friday night into early Saturday morning. Guild Wars 2 early access launched and we were full swing into the game. Above you will see a group photo of a few of us that had early access just hanging out in the Sylvari main city The Grove.

First impressions

Combat is very action oriented and therefore fresh. The fact that you never have to sit still to cast things makes it very dynamic. There are classes that tank better and heal better but you can technically get by without them. The visuals are breathtaking and on my setup the game runs extremely smoothly.

The launch however has not been anywhere near as smooth as SWTOR. The game has many glitches that have yet to be fixed and are making the experience a little sour for some. A member of our group has already had his account compromised and there has been no word from ArenaNet on the issue. This is a bit concerning.

Overall the game is shaping up well and it is easy to immerse yourself into it and have a great time. I look forward to seeing how well they handle the current issues and hopefully the silence on their account security issues isn’t a sign of a greater problem.



As a parting note, here is my pet Eyre in all her glory.


PC has always been my platform of choice, partly due to availability but mostly due to love for the mouse and keyboard. I am a graduate of Duquesne University with a BA in Digital Media Arts. I have decided to take my technical skills and apply them to something that I and my partners love, gaming. Some of my favorite games have always been the most intense team based ones. Games like Counter-Strike (1.5,1.6,CZ,Source), Unreal Tournament, Halo, and also the highly tactical parts of everyones favorite MMOs. I really hope you all enjoy this site as much as we are enjoying making it.

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  1. VGL_Jon says:

    Dude, you best be getting a pet phoenix named Jawn.

  2. Rinato says:

    Hahah dont worry Requia. Ill get a pet bear and name it after you 😉

  3. Requia says:

    Yeah, GRRR! I’m still pissed off!

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