Marvel: War of Heroes

Over the past few months I have been an active member of the community that loves and religiously plays the Mobage game Rage of Bahamut, their latest game War of Heroes has such a crisper look and feel to the game play that we (who are HUGE comic fans) just couldn’t resist.

The official worldwide release of War of Heroes occurred on 10/18/12. I am creating this not only to detail the game in a review’s sense, but to also create a full guide, walkthrough, and detailed card leveling list. Much like the Rage of Bahamut Wiki, but with a lot of additional things that need to be included. For the time being this post will serve as a master post to all of the content associated with WoH, giving me time to create a full database on our site.
As a basic overview of the game, one of the reasons I find this Android and Apple phone game so addicting is the fact that it is a trading card-based game from where you can make your cards stronger and employ strategy and skill (much like chess) to help become the best of the best in player vs. player battles. The artwork is absolutely phenomenal, drawn from legendary artists such as Aleksi Briclot, Simon Bisley, and Francesco Mattina. Not only does this game draw you in by allowing for you to play your favorite Marvel heroes in your deck, but you compete and work with other to build your own Alliance up, and to individually stand out. Currently the PvP system is based just on the number of wins you have for the current day without rewards, but I feel that there will be an update soon adding more value and purpose to the PvP system (similar to Rage of Bahamut) as well as other features.

In a confirmed notice, the WoH Management Office will be releasing the following updates in a near-future patch:

– Quicker loading times during missions and battles.

– Bazaar features for easier and simpler trading between other players.

– Continuous events, much like the recently released Avengers Event.

– Revamped user interface.

In the next week I will be compiling a fully detailed Card/Boost list, as well as leveling/play strategies. Please post comments if you have anything to add, and stick around, because I will need some input when creating a fully-detailed cards list!! If you’re interested in joining us at the Video Game Loft Alliance or need a referral code, feel free to contact me in-game.
WoH Name – Kitosumi

Check out this gallery of in-game screen shots!




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3 Responses

  1. Milady says:

    Thanks for awesome review!
    What makes me happy is much faster loading times and more neat ui then in RoB.
    Also, for those who wondering, WoH is not possible to register through Bluestacks, unlike was RoB.
    Not sure if it is intended, but it surely creates more fair play and reduces fake accounts:)

  2. sammike84 says:

    Hey everyone! Potentially the best forum I have seen by far! Good info, for some of us Noobs, is hard to come by. Please keep it up! I will be here often looking for new tips.

  3. Immortal says:

    This looks cool, I may have to check it out.

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