Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Ladies and Gentleman start your engines…..or Nintendo 3DS….another iteration of Pokemon is back this fall with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Both are remakes, or retakes according to the publishers, of the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games. There will be new stories, adventures, Pokemon?, so it’ll be worth checking out. Unfortunately there is still no full 3D gameplay, but there will be limited 3D like in X and Y.

I have to admit to being pretty out of the Poke-loop, but for whatever reason this announcement riffed on those nostalgia chords. I’m pretty sure this might push me over the edge to picking up a 3DS, which comes in a fancy Poke-bundle if you’re so inclined, so I might try to catch up before the new games get released. Anyone out there want to fill me in?

There are very few details out now, but I’ll add anymore information as soon as I get it.


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  1. Rinato says:

    I wonder how many “New” pokemon games have just been remakes of old ones.

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