Halo: Reach Preview

Come on Bungie. This can’t be the last Halo game. Not yet. Please? NO? WHY!?!? OK. Fine. But I’m not happy about it 🙁

Halo: Reach the final game of an unforgettably awesome franchise. I mean who, at least once, hasn’t stayed up all night at a Halo based LAN party. I certainly have and many times over.

Check out the campaign trailer:

Umm space battles. Yes, please! That is going to be amazing. Too bad it won’t be carried over to the multiplayer arena. Then again, did you really expect it to? The game that put console based FPSs on the map and you expected spacebattles in the multiplayer? I didn’t it would have been a gimmick. If you want to do something like that check out Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2.

Anyway, who checked out the multiplayer beta? I did and it was awesome. You could tell that Bungie released it and wanted to check to determine balancing issues. Hopefully they keep it pretty similar. Sure there were a few things that need nerfed/buffed but that’s what a beta is for. What I hope they don’t change is the fact that the Spartans can’t jump as high as Master Chief or have other similar abilities. That will ruin the storyline for me. I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, but I mean Bungie, if you’re reading this, don’t do it. The game is awesome the way it is. So is the story. Please let it be.

Here’s the original release trailer just in case you’re a little behind:

Still looks awesome and I can’t wait for it. Plus the legendary edition looks soooooo sweet. The game releases on September 14. I’m going to have to pre-order this soon and so should you!

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