Twisted Metal Nuke Preview

I’ve been a huge Twisted Metal fan since it’s initial release more than over 15 years ago. Since it’s inception on the Playstation platform, Twisted Metal has been a powerhouse and in my mind an overlooked game. Twisted Metal Black for PS2 is, in my opinion, where Sony failed at attempting to optimize a state of the art graphics into traditional game play. Twisted Metal Black never felt like the classic motor vehicle shooter: the gameplay / combat mechanics were too rigid and the controls were completely unrealistic.

With the creation of TM Nuke, Sony has attempted to rejuvenate this original PS game, and they’ve done a great job. Now with aerial combat, and more complex combat including customizable cars and weapons. The overall gameplay looks awesome, and I’m excited to see this game launch in 2011. Check out this playable demo recorded at E3:



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