Age of Empires II HD

UPDATE: We have started the stream! Keep an eye on for your chance to win!

UDPATE 2: The key has been handed out. Squipples is the winner!

If you spent hours upon hours trying to get networked games to work in Age of Empires II (like we did).

Then spent hours upon hours more playing the game (also like we did). You will probably be interested in checking this out.

Steam has come to our rescue once again! Releasing on April 9th, Age of Empires II HD Edition promises to be a flury of nostalgia that is sure to please.



Looks pretty fantastic. All the gameplay will be the same. Updated connectivity with Steam means less hassle. I’m super pumped, you should be too.

Luckily, you (and us) don’t have to wait until April 9th to get your hands on a copy. We will be getting our copies on April 5th and we will be streaming on April 6th. Oh, you need one too, don’t you. How convenient…we have an extra! Hang out with us while we are streaming on Saturday and we will let you know how you can win your own. If you can download and get installed fast enough you’ll even get a chance to jump in a game with us!

You can find us here on Saturday for the streaming session and giveaway. We’ll also be finding other ways to get people the info when we lock down a time. Hopefully we will see everyone then!

Important Information:



VGL_Jon “Prime” & Andy “Rinato” Rudi

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  1. Rinato says:

    This was such an awesome stream. We had so much fun thanks for everyone joining in!

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