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Neverwinter: A Table-Top MMO

If you have ever read a Forgotten Realms book, played in a table-top D&D game, dueled fellow planeswalkers in MtG, or just love dungeion crawling, this is a game that should be on your radar. Neverwinter is an F2P MMO from Perfect World and Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online and Champions Online). It will...

The Elder Scrolls Online 0

The Elder Scrolls Online

A few weeks ago I heard an incredible rumor… “There is a teaser out for The Elder Scrolls Online.” — Wait what! I am currently playing SWTOR and find that any news about competing or potentially competing MMO’s is very important to me. I find myself being somewhat cynical towards...

Dragon Age 2 Preview v2.0 0

Dragon Age 2 Preview v2.0

Release: March 2011 This game has been veiled in secrecy and all knowledge of it kept behind closed doors for a while now. It is just till recently that we’ve been able to uncover some slivers of information about this upcoming game, and how exactly it will compare to the...