The Elder Scrolls Online

A few weeks ago I heard an incredible rumor…

“There is a teaser out for The Elder Scrolls Online.” — Wait what! I am currently playing SWTOR and find that any news about competing or potentially competing MMO’s is very important to me. I find myself being somewhat cynical towards other MMOS’s because I would like my MMO of choice to succeed over the rest.


That being said, I have no such feelings where The Elder Scrolls Online is concerned. Morriwind is up there in contention with Half-Life and FFVII on my top games of all time list. And to think that I could take my friends along for the ride that would now span across ALL of the Continents from the various Elder Scrolls games just sets my nerd off.


Please enjoy this teaser. As I find out more info about this game I will be updating this post.



After E3, Bethesda expanded their Elder Scrolls Online website to include a new trailer and some more detailed information about the coming game.

To take a look at the FAQ page and get some of your questions answered please check out this link.


– Andy “Rinato” Rudi –

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