Red Dead Redemption Review

First, I must say I had a super hard time getting started with this game. Which is probably why it took so long to get this review out to you guys. I’ve had the game for a month plus now and I just finally
got through it. What took me so long you ask? Well the main thing is the game starts SLOW! I haven’t played a game with this many cut scenes since I watched the Dark Knight, wait what? More seriously the game does start slow, lots of back story, even though at the time you don’t even really know what it is back story to. Team that with the lack of action in the first five hours and you find yourself sleeping through and not really wanting to play through those hours. They were tough for me.

However, once you get to that plateau the game opens up quite nicely. Once I got over that hump I was hooked. Getting past that you enter the vintage Rockstar game. All the things you loved about GTA are here. Expansive gameplay, in your face action, good third-person shooting, and a huge world you can choose to do what you want with. There really isn’t much to say bad about this game, I mean it did get frustrating at times. The horses didn’t always work as planned and the fast travel was a little glitchy but overall I really have nothing bad to say, even after the slow start and the other minor issues.

What’s really good about the game? Collectibles that don’t seem like collectibles, the added value from the stranger missions, the hunting and shooting and other skill challenges, and all the rest is phenomenal. I just finished the game, read story, and I’m already chomping at the bit to get back into it and finish up the rest of the game that is available. That and the way they tie the story through is just amazing, but I won’t give that away just in case someone out there hasn’t played this yet.

I’ve giving this game a major recommendation and a major recommendation to buy. If you don’t buy this one you will be severely disappointed with yourself. Seriously this game is probably good for 40-50 hours on single player (I’m at like 34 with a bunch more to do) and that doesn’t even factor in the multiplayer, which lets you loot the world with a buddy. That should be fun stuff. So, anyway, if you have the extra cash laying around you should definitely pick this up, I’ll even be nice and give you a little linky link :P. Buy the game here! If you’re not buying it at least grab it from Gamefly.

I’m scoring Red Dead Redemption a huge HUGE 9.2/10.

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