Dead Space 2 Preview

What up Isaac Clarke? First, I just want to say I am PUMPED for this game! I’ve played through the original Dead Space and every time I feel as though I find something new, a new piece comes out of the story. The game play is fantastic and the level design puts the rest of the world on hold. It seems like Dead Space 2 is only looking to build on these great traits from the original. (By the way, if you haven’t played Dead Space, please do now. You won’t be disappointed.)

First, I’ll let you watch the trailer because I know you’re dying to watch that. Here it is:

Now, a couple awesome things pop out at me in the trailer. First, the game looks amazing! It’s stunning how good it looks, from the cut scenes all the way down to the game play itself. Next, how cool is it going to be to have a jet pack? I mean really, pinching limbs off necromorphs with the railgun is fun, but how fun is it going to be to do all of that on a jet pack? I’m guessing ridiculously fun. Another point I’d like to make is the javelin gun. You don’t see it much in the previous video, but it’s there. It’d be the one the launches the enemy into the wall like a push pin. Going to be a super fun weapon and super useful. Lastly, check out the new enemies. You only see the one in this trailer but I have a feeling many more are to come.

Think that’s all for the update? Haha think again! Also, they’ve released a demo of just game play. Here it comes:

Again the game play has me pumped! The levels look tight, the game just feels like something I’m going to pick-up, drive home, pop in the system (haven’t decided PS3 or Xbox360 yet), and play for hours upon hours until I’ve finished it. Then I’ll do it all over again!

But seriously, new weapons, new abilities, new enemies, updated graphics, seemingly great game play, all the great things from the original, what more can you ask for from a game? This might not be the most important thing, but if you played the first Isaac never speaks, but in this one you will hear him talk. Again, might not be a big deal, but I think it’s going to add to the game.

Release is scheduled for January 25, 2011.

Until then we will continue updating this page with any new info!

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