Call of Duty Black Ops

Release Date: 11/9/2010

Being a veteran of Shooters from original Third Person till today’s First Person Shooter, I must admit that the development and detail that programmers at Activision have paid to their latest game is impeccable. The character rendering and interactive environments looks great! Taking a different turn from the Modern Warfare series that Infinity Ward has worked on, the Vietnam Era of the 1960’s is time period in history rich with speculation and classified missions, fully taken advantage of.

This playable Demo featured at E3 shows exactly how intense and immersive the single player campaign is:

We all know the truth though, that the only thing that makes or breaks a FPS is the multi player experience and capabilities. The developer in this case gives out some details about Black Ops online, including customizable characters and profiles. Allowing you to adjust your character for online play is one thing that made Halo 3 so much fun!! I feel this will be one of the strongest FPS releases this year, as long as they are able to make the online play unique and fresh, with new and previously untouched ideas.

I vote CoD Black Ops for a must watch as it comes closer to release.



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