Dead Rising 2 Preview

The year of the sequel continues with a look at Dead Rising 2. Now many of you played the first (I hope) but if not the game is similar in nature to Left 4 Dead and its sequel, just a little more on the arcade/cartoon side. It also, Dead Rising, gave you a bunch of awesome ways to dispatch those annoying zombies. Some of them turned out to be awesome and some didn’t work exactly as the developers had planned, but that’s a game review that is coming way to late.

Anyway, that’s just what the original was. It seems the sequel follows much the same lines as the original, a lot of zombies and a bunch of weapons to kill them. Needless to say it should be fun. But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer and gameplay videos below.

Doesn’t that seem awesome? Especially the dual chainsaws on the bike and on the pole. Hopefully, the developers will allow you to forge two objects together to make an amazing weapon. more evidence of that ability is here:

If they give you the ability to put together a bunch of objects like they’be shown in these couple trailers this game has the chance to be really awesome. I hope it comes true because the plotline and idea for the original was great. It did sometimes have a few glitchy frustrating moments but overall it was a fun game. Dead Rising 2 proves to be no different. You can check it out when it releases on September 28, 2010.

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