Metal Gear Solid: Rising Preview

Release Date: TBA

The polls are in and this game is hott. Konami and E3 are rating this as a 9.6 out of 10 as a follow up MGS platformer. It’s being tracked in the top 50 of all currently watched and anticipated games, so put this baby on your wish list. The gameplay looks amazingly interactive, and the control that you have with Raiden and his sword appears second to none. If you’re one that’s loved MGS2 as much as we have, then you’ll absolutely love this game.

It’s also been announced that MGS:R will feature online and multiplayer components, so rally the troops and prepare for the best from Kojima Productions. The in-game single player, as you might note in this cutscene, also has a “slow motion” aspect that will allow for the player to plan where they would like to utilize their sword or other various weapons. Watching that trailer still just blows me away…



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