SWTOR Character Transfers Now Available

Well we have waited long enough.

It is finally here. Bioware is crafting their mega-servers slowly but surely.

On Tuesday of this week Bioware announced the first wave of servers that were eligible for a transfer. The trend seems to be taking the lowest population servers and allowing them to transfer into the highest population servers. Many forum posters seem to be very upset seeing The Fatman as a transfer destination. Many believe that this will bloat that server even more and cause horrendous queue times for the current players on the server.

I think many are forgetting Daniel Erikson’s claims about increased server capacity. He is quoted saying, “…as we are coming up on a huge move to servers with massively higher population caps than we have today.” The full interview from PC Gamer can be found here.

I believe that we will see all of the lowest population servers being merged into the higher population ones and this trend will gradually shift into the middle of the pack. The last servers to see transfers will be the standard/light servers that will be transferred into a server with the same capacity.

So far we have seen huge jumps in the numbers of servers that are added to the list in each roll-out. Hopefully this trend continues and most servers will have the option to transfer by the end of the week.

I just have my fingers cross that Belgoth’s Beacon ends up being a destination server rather than an origin server. Would have to have to reform  the guild.

For current available servers for transferring please check the official server transfer page on SWTOR.com found here.


– Andy “Rinato” Rudi –

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