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BioShock 2 Review 0

BioShock 2 Review

Hmmm. Has anyone not played the original BioShock? Anyone out there? Well if you haven’t played the original keep reading. If you have played the original, the game will feel similar, just from a new perspective. You’ll find BioShock 2 is about a half a point worse than the original....

Twisted Metal Nuke Preview 0

Twisted Metal Nuke Preview

I’ve been a huge Twisted Metal fan since it’s initial release more than over 15 years ago. Since it’s inception on the Playstation platform, Twisted Metal has been a powerhouse and in my mind an overlooked game. Twisted Metal Black for PS2 is, in my opinion, where Sony failed at...

Dead Space 2 Preview 0

Dead Space 2 Preview

What up Isaac Clarke? First, I just want to say I am PUMPED for this game! I’ve played through the original Dead Space and every time I feel as though I find something new, a new piece comes out of the story. The game play is fantastic and the level...