S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training Players Guide


Our first Alliance/Player versus Alliance/Player event finally hits the interweb shelves!! For all of you Rage of Bahamut fans or ex players out there, here comes our version of the “Holy Wars.” It looks better than ever and here is our full walkthrough and guide to success!!


Fortunately for (us) they kept the Iso-8 shards idea, allowing us to get plenty of feeders, skill feeders, and vendor cards to fuel the fires that will rage between Alliances in this top tier event. Once per day you can acquire a ‘Trainer Power Pack,’ which has the same effect as a Power Pack, but is really only used for this event and disappears once it is over. Therefore, make sure to use the Trainer Power Pack first!





Fundamental Principles of the Event:

  1. Alliance members can ‘initiate’ combat, which will allow for the Marvel servers to randomly assign an opponent for those Alliance members to fight. There are a few things you must know prior to engaging the enemy, which will be covered after this section. A battle will not commence without a player initiating it, so make sure to stay active within your Alliance!
  2. Winning a battle against an opposing Alliance is done so by gaining more Valor points than the other Alliance before the battle ends. Valor points can be gained by winning a battle against an opposing Alliance member, or by attacking their Protection Walls (you gain 200% valor if you vanquish an opposing player AFTER their wall has been destroyed).
  3. Remember to defeat their DEF leader first so you are allowed to attack other members of their Alliance!! If an opposing member is gaining valor by vanquishing your allies, and you feel that you can beat him, try to focus your efforts on him closer to the end of the battle. Winning against an opponent who has Valor points will reduce his Valor points each time you defeat him by a 20% bonus, so chain your attacks with your alliance for maximum effect!
  4. If you are relatively new to the game or the event, and don’t have an established powerful deck then don’t be discouraged. Help your Alliance by destroying the walls, and then you can hunt their lower level/strength members down. Remember to always use your Event cards on the Wall, ALL other cards are relatively ineffective.


Here is a list of Event Cards and their special Abilities:

  • [Arsenal] Punisher – 1000% Bonus to the Wall Damage, 2500% if Fused
  • [November Foxtrot] Nick Fury – 500% Bonus to Wall Damage, 1200% if Fused
  • [V.T.R.B.S.] War Machine – 400% Bonus to Wall Damage, 1000% if Fused
  • Maria Hill – 300% Bonus to Wall Damage, 600% if Fused
  • [Leopordess] Tigra – 300% Bonus to Wall Damage, 600% if Fused


When considering your actions within a battle, prioritize your engagement against other players based on these factors:

  1. Rally behind your wall bashers. The best tactic is to destroy their wall, wait for their players to initiate combat and gain balor, and THEN attack their players to reduce their valor gains. If you are unable to beat him, focus your efforts on destroying their wall or saving your ATK power for the next battle.
  2. Keep in mind that you can gain bonus Valor from defeating the opposing Alliance’s Leader (20% bonus) and Officers (10% bonus). Leaders grant the highest bonus, so focus on them if you can win, otherwise pick a target that you know you can win against.
  3. Save your power packs for the end of the event or necessary battles, for it will allow you to attack members more often that have Valor: thus reducing their total Valor points. This is also important because if you are being blown out by the opposing Agents, then save your strength for the next battle!


Rewards for this event based on rankings:


Highest Personal and Alliance Rankings: Phoenix Force (SS Rare)

[Lady Liberator] She-Hulk (S Rare)

[Precise Shot] Hawkeye (Rare)
New Cards Added from ISO-8 Shards: [Advanced Intelligence] Ultron (S Rare)
There will also be many more rewards from completion bonuses of wins/personal valor points to the ISO-8 Shard rewards, so stay posted for the news!! Feel free to post questions here or in the forum, or just discuss anything you’d like. We’re all excited and we’ll see you in there!!
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