Fantastic Four Raid Event Announced!!

The announcement of the Fantastic Four Event brought some GREAT news with it! The release of the new SSR Thing as an event card (much anticipated for his defense potential) should bring Bruiser Defense decks to the forefront of effectiveness in SHIELD Training events!! Keep an eye out for this already in high-demand card!

This will be our complete and comprehensive guide to this event. The greater your understanding of how things work, the more effective you will be throughout the event and the higher your ranking will be!!Screenshot_2013-01-16-18-39-55


Tips and Tricks:

It’s important to understand a few things before you go about your merry way slashing your way through this event. If you understand these core principles then you will certainly do close to what your potential is!


1) Try to primarily stick ONLY to using event based cards for the entire duration of the event. This may seem crazy, but a proper maxed and fused Emma Frost will hit well over four times harder than a UR Ghost Rider that is maxed. So stick to your raider cards,

because you’ll score more points and overall damage swinging 10 times with with a raider than once with the recommended deck!!

2) If you’re looking to shoot for the top, setting an alarm for when your ATK power is full is always a great idea for those who don’t mind waking up once or twice throughout the night. Remember, this even is a Marathon (it’s going to be more than a few days long), so stay consistent and strong throughout the event. No need to waste Power Packs now, save them for the end if you feel you have a shot at the top spot!!

3) ALWAYS attack your alliance member’s bosses before any team members. It helps out a LOT in the long run, and coordinating your attacks through messaging programs like KiK or Line are priceless, so ensure you’re all on the same page.

4) If you feel like you’re running slim on either power packs or are just looking to farm up some loot instead of aim for increasing your rankings, feel free to just tap EVERY boss you feel has a high probability of being killed. This will maximize your ISO Shard gain, and allow for you to receive even more rewards from the shards! We had many members that perfected this strategy from the last event and in addition to ranking well, also farmed over 100+ power packs in the process!!!


Current List of Raider Cards: These cards will buff your performance in the event!

  • [Sky-Rider] Silver Surfer – U Rare: 1000% Damage or 2000% Damage when Fused
  • [Idol of Millions] The Thing – SS Rare: 800% Damage or 1700% Damage when Fused
  • [Unseen Power] Invisible Woman  – S Rare: 400% Damage or 900% Damage when Fused
  • [Diamond Lady] Emma Frost – Rare: 250% Damage or 600% Damage when Fused
  • [Mister Elastic] Mr. Fantastic – Rare: 120% Damage or 300% Damage when Fused
  • [Matchstick Johnny] The Human Torch – Rare: 150% Damage or 400% Damage when Fused



This event shares many similarities with the first event where we all battled Loki and the previous X-Men event. Much like those events there will be ISO Shards that will be granted from killing or doing damage to a boss, as well as just for participating in a boss kill!! So make sure you are staying active and not putting all of your attack power into one swing!



Top Ranking Rewards:

[The Master] Doctor Doom – Tactics U Rare

[Oathbound] Silver Surfer – Bruiser SS Rare

[Black Leopard] Black Panther – Tactics S Rare

[Red in the Ledger] Black Widow – Speed Rare


We look forward to competing with and against you in there!!



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